Does Dry Eye Go Away on Its Own?

May 1, 2024 | Dry Eye Syndrome

If you’ve ever suffered from dry eye, you know how irritating and frustrating it can be. Whether your eyes feel gritty, burn, or constantly water to compensate for the dryness, dealing with dry eye is not easy. Many people wonder if the symptoms will ever go away completely. In this blog post, we will explore whether dry eye goes away on its own and discuss some of the treatment options available to help relieve your symptoms. 

Chronic vs. temporary dry eye 

Dry eye can occur for different reasons, such as environmental factors like living in windy or dry climates, medications, hormonal changes, or underlying health conditions. In some cases, addressing the root cause of your dry eye may lead to relief and allow your symptoms to improve on their own. For example, if your dry eye is related to spending too much time in front of screens or in air-conditioned environments, making lifestyle changes such as taking breaks from screens or using a humidifier may help relieve your discomfort. 

However, for people with chronic dry eye, the condition does not go away on its own and requires ongoing management. This may include using artificial tears or lubricating eye drops to keep the eyes moist, as well as prescription medications to reduce inflammation and stimulate tear production. In severe cases, procedures such as punctal plugs or light therapy may be recommended to provide long-term relief from dry eye symptoms. 

Professional dry eye treatment 

If you are struggling with chronic dry eye and are looking for effective treatment options, Buckeye Optometry can help. Our dry eye specialists in Marion, Ohio can evaluate your specific case of dry eye and recommend the best course of action for managing your symptoms. This may include using Bruder moist heat eye compresses to soothe irritated eyes, incorporating eye health supplements into your daily routine, or prescribing prescription-strength eye drops to reduce inflammation and increase tear production. 

In addition to medical treatments for dry eye, making lifestyle changes can also help improve your symptoms and prevent them from worsening. This may include staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day, maintaining a healthy diet high in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins A and C, and protecting your eyes from irritants such as smoke and dust.  

In conclusion, while dry eye may not always go away on its own, there are effective treatments available to help manage symptoms and enhance overall comfort. Don’t let chronic dry eye interfere with your quality of life; schedule an appointment with us today to find relief and improve your eye health.