Pediatric Eye Exam, Marion, OH 

Pediatric eye exams are crucial for early detection and treatment of vision problems in children. Regular check-ups can help safeguard a child’s vision over time. At Buckeye Optometry in Marion, Ohio, we provide exams for children ages three and older. 

Why are eye exams important for children?    

Regular eye exams are crucial for children as they help detect vision problems early on when treatment is most effective. Since learning is 80% visual, poor vision can lead to challenges with reading, writing, and even concentration. A pediatric eye exam ensures that kids have the visual skills they need to read and write effectively. 

What to expect during a pediatric eye exam 

We customize our pediatric eye exams to fit each child and their specific needs. When your child comes in for their exam, our eye doctor will perform a series of tests based on their age and vision needs. Typically, we’ll ask about their medical history, check their vision, see if they need glasses, assess their eye alignment, evaluate their eye health, and, if needed, prescribe eyeglasses. 

If your child needs glasses, we have a wide range of kids’ eyewear in fun colors and designs. Our opticians are experts at finding the perfect lenses and frames that’ll make your child look and feel their best. 

What are the signs of vision problems in children?    

It can be tough to spot vision problems in kids. They might not even know they have an issue and think that everyone sees the world the same way they do. Look for signs like a short attention span, losing their place while reading, eyes that are misaligned or crossed, a white or grayish-white color in the pupil, constant eye rubbing, and blurry vision at any distance. 

 Schedule a pediatric eye exam in Marion 

Regular pediatric eye exams can help you detect issues early and improve your child’s vision. Make an appointment for your child’s eye exam today and keep their eyes in great shape!   

Can my child wear contact lenses during sports activities?

Yes, children who play sports can wear contact lenses. In fact, contacts are one of the safest types of corrective eyewear for physical activity. Eyeglasses can easily be knocked off by contact or slide down the nose during gameplay.

When should my child's eyes be examined?

We generally recommend an exam from birth to 2 years old if there is suspicion of a problem or a family history of a problem. Children then should receive additional eye exams at 3 years of age, and just before they enter kindergarten or the first grade at about age 5 or 6.

Will sitting too close to the television set hurt my child's eyes?

Contrary to the popular myth, sitting too close to a TV will not damage your eyes, but it may cause eyestrain. Children can focus at close distance without eyestrain better than adults.

Is my child likely to inherit my need for glasses?

Your child’s view of the world could be quite similar to yours — literally. Nearsightedness, color blindness, and lazy eye (amblyopia) are often inherited. If both parents are nearsighted, a child has a 25 to 50 percent chance of also becoming nearsighted.

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