Sports Vision


Sports Vision Assessment, Marion, OH 

Vision is a fundamental component of athletic competition. Not only does an athlete need 20/20 vision, (in fact, competitive athletes should see better than 20/20), but they must also take in visual information in a very precise manner and then process it quickly and efficiently. Utilizing the visual system, the athlete prepares for action—the visual system tells the athlete where to be and when to be there. An imperfect visual system leads to degraded or variable athletic performance and can prevent an athlete from playing to their full potential. 

The area of sports vision is used by professional athletes in several sports to improve performance. Sports vision assessments and sports vision training have become an added competitive edge for many college athletic programs and have gained tremendous popularity among youth athletes wanting to improve their college athletics prospects. 

What to expect during a sports vision assessment 

During a sports vision assessment at Buckeye Optometry in Marion, OH, we will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your visual system’s ability to meet the demands of your sport. This may include tests for visual acuity, depth perception, eye tracking, and peripheral vision.  

Our optometrist may also evaluate your eye teaming, focusing ability, and reaction time. Based on the results, we can recommend sports vision training or customized eyewear to improve your performance and reduce the risk of sports-related injuries. The assessment typically takes 45-60 minutes, and our doctor will provide you with personalized feedback on your visual performance and recommendations for improvement. 

Who can benefit from sports vision training?  

Sports vision therapy can benefit anyone who wants to enhance their athletic performance. This includes athletes of all levels and ages, from children to professional players. It can also benefit individuals who want to improve their coordination and balance in activities like dancing, martial arts, and gymnastics. 

How does sports vision training work? 

Sports vision training helps improve visual skills that are crucial for athletic performance. It typically involves a combination of exercises, drills, and activities that are tailored to the individual’s needs and goals. Training focuses on improving visual skills such as: 

  • Visual processing speed 
  • Depth perception 
  • Eye-hand coordination 
  • Peripheral vision 
  • Visual reaction time 
  • Tracking ability 

By improving these visual skills, athletes can perform better and have a competitive edge over their opponents. Additionally, sports vision training can help reduce the risk of injuries on the field or court by improving visual awareness and reaction time. The goal is to help athletes see more clearly, react more quickly, and perform at their best on the field or court. 

Schedule a sports vision assessment in Marion 

At Buckeye Optometry, we are committed to helping athletes of all levels achieve their full potential through improved visual skills. Whether you’re a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, our sports vision assessments and sports vision training can help you take your game to the next level. Contact us today to schedule your sports vision assessment and get started on the path to improved performance.